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Nov 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
can't lose, we need you for agenda, we have to take back america. >> making the point he is still commander-in-chief, he wore his air force one jacket today for stops in several states. >> we will win wisconsin again and we will win this election and we will renew the bonds and reaffirm what makes the u.s. the greatest nation honors. >> the polls show this is a dead heat nationwide and is a sign of how close it is that obama spent time in wisconsin, a state they had been counting on. he picked up one sandy-related endorsement. michael bloomberg cited his handling of the storm in backing president obama. the romney campaign has their share of high-profile celebrities in their field offices making phone calls. you may get a call from one of the romney sons in part of the battle to get out the vote. virginia is one of the most important must win states in this campaign. >> as we get closer to election day, the battle for the commonwealth of virginia continues. we will bring you our final special and hear from voters, veterans, and the candidates on what will be the deciding factors i
Nov 2, 2012 6:00pm EDT
candidates. it is a choice between two different visions for america. >> the obama campaign says unemployment went up because more people are re-entering the job market, newly optimistic about jobs being created. >> the american auto industry is back on top. home values are on the rise. >> but mitt romney was quick to insist not enough new jobs are being created to energize the still is the candidate who knows how. >> i will have a lot of people offering advice, and i know a lot about it myself to begin with. >> virginia remains one of the most coveted prizes to win on tuesday. barack obama has two rallies here tomorrow. on monday, the final day of campaigning, mitt romney will spend his day in lynchburg and head to a rally -- at george mason university. >> thanks, rebecca. residents of maryland turned out in big numbers for their final chance to turn in an early voting ballot. the state board of elections said early voting hit a record high of nearly 300,000 this year extended by one day because of hurricane sandy. >> through election day, if you see any problems at polling places, from long
Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
this deficit -- could crush the fututure generations. and republicans andemocrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not c care less if it's a republican or a da ocrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... i'm mitt romney, worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on.n. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. >> there is an old election day about verdict -- about voting early and often. whatchard tells us how it is being handled. >> on this election eve, he is hisied about whether absentee vote will co
Nov 7, 2012 6:00pm EST
because we are not as divided as our politics suggest. we are forever the united states of america and -- of america. >> the president called leaders from both parties this morning, talking about legislative x's and o's, the fiscal cliff where tax raises and spending cut could collide. >> mr. president, this is your moment and we're ready to be led. >> i am willing to discuss any issue. >> as mitt romney left bos a more difficult challenge perhaps then winning the white house. even republican elders say their party has big problems. >> inclusion is when you're in the meeting, which it inherently changes the tone of the meeting. >> congress reconvenes on tuesday and it will have to act faster on those financial issues we keep talking about. the landscape -- not drastically different. republicans will have to a poll done to the house, democrats the senate. there will be some changes in d.c. as the president will likely make announcements of new cabinet members over the coming weeks. >> scott, thank you. long lines at polling places yesterday. however turnout appears to be lower than
Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm EST
're not forgotten and you are not alone. america loves you. the first time the company takes wounded veterans sky, they have been doing it since 2001. this year they have taken up 50 of them. hatzel vela, abc 7 news. a perfect day to be up in the sky. it was clear and calm. it is a all good. -- is all good. we will stay colder than average. things could change and sunday. t the time lapse. kind of a steady stream of clouds moving from the south and will havetrade we .ome high clouds temperature started to drop. 47.high was as we check some other numbers, in springfield at 42. down to the official high. 10 degrees below the average high which is 59. this cold air mass is brazilian stay in place. these are the high temperatures around the eastern part of that country. 49 here and 45 in boston. temperatures or 10 below average. 13 degrees below average there. the cooler the cold air to the stay under itsll e.fluenc the footage. all and we will have a fair amount of sunshine along with cold temperatures. saturday night and sunday, an low pressure off the coast. it still looks like that will loo
Nov 16, 2012 6:00pm EST
in america knows we would not reach agreement. >> we are prepared to put everything on the table provided we fixed the problem. however, we are in the dilemma we are in that because we tax too little, but because we spend too well. >> some say that as a key differences that could make the negotiations difficult. today, people are saying they would rather watch both sides compromised. >> it would put too many people out of work, the country into recession. i think they both have a lot to lose. i think they will get something done. >> congress is like a built on an engine that -- a little friction is good because it makes the belt turn. too much makes it snap. >> wall street investors want to see macdill. this morning this was -- with just the hint of a compromise being reported, the stock market went up and it went even higher after those congressional leaders came out of the white house promising a compromise. experts show that is how sensitive wall street is and how much it could draw -- drop if they fail to meet the deadline. abc7 news. >> more fighting between gaza and israel. hamas is fl
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6